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The following discloses our privacy policy for this web site: We are committed to our customers' privacy. We take your privacy concerns seriously and we strive to earn and keep your trust. We do not share, sell or trade e-mail addresses or any other personal information. We use the information provided by visitors and customers (name, school district, state, e-mail address, etc.) to respond to your inquiries and provide quality products and services.

Devpro Software believes protection of your private information is an important part of our service. Please read the following to fully understand how we utilize the content you provide. The information here is subject to change from time to time, and it is your responsibility to periodically read and understand this information. By accessing any service of the Devpro Software web page you signify your acceptance of the Devpro Software Privacy Policy.

  1. Any similarity between sample screens and reports shown on this web site to real persons, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental. All names and personal characteristics are fictional and for the purpose of illustrating DEVPRO software operation and sample screens.

  2. We do not share your personal information, including your e-mail address, with other parties. We hate spam as much as you, so we won't give your information to anyone.

    We do not send unsolicited e-mail. If you are receiving e-mail from us, it is because at some point you, or someone with access to your e-mail account, requested it. If you are receiving e-mail from us in response to an inquiry you made, you can rest assured that we will use your e-mail address for no purpose other than to respond to your inquiry. If you receive e-mail from us that you believe is in error, please Contact Us immediately so we can work to resolve the situation.

  3. While utilizing Devpro Software services, the IP address of the internet connection you are using will be logged. We will only use the IP address information we collect to help diagnose problems with our server, administer our Web site, and investigate any possible issues where we need to document user activities.

  4. The Devpro Software website may utilize the use of cookies on your machine. The use of cookies will allow us to improve your experience with the site by remembering information about you to better customize and enhance your experience with the Devpro Software web site.

    You have the choice to disable the use of cookies on your browser interface. This may limit some functionality on the Devpro Software website. Some browsers do not support cookies at all; these applications may limit the convenience of your interaction with the site.

    Cookies are utilized only for your convenience and never to obtain any personal information for use by Devpro Software for malicious or illegal intent.

  5. There may be links to other website on the Internet on the Devpro Software web site. These links may be advertisers. If you click on the links and are brought to other sites, Devpro Software does not have any control of the service provided once you leave our site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other web sites.

    Devpro Software assumes no responsibility when you navigate to other sites through Devpro Software. They might contain other kinds of privacy risks that we do not have control over. Our Privacy Policy is limited to the Devpro Software web site.

  6. Security on all your personal information at Devpro Software is a priority. We do not release any of your personal information to others without your acknowledgement.

    While your security and privacy is a priority to Devpro Software, we cannot guarantee 100% that your data is secure. We work hard to ensure the data maintained by our servers utilize the latest in security counter measures.

  7. The items we classified as personal information and are protected by the Privacy Policy include the following: name, school district, phone number, email address, and state.

By using any part of this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy of Devpro Software. If you do not agree with any part of the policy, please do not use the Devpro Software web site. In the case of a policy change, your continued usage of this site after this publicly available notice is modified agrees you to the changes. If you continue to use the service of Devpro Software after we post up new changes to the policy, it means that you agree to the new policy as well. If you have any questions, please contact us as described on our contact page.

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