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Frequently Asked Questions

These answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) should answer any questions you might have about DEVPRO. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please Contact Us for more information or email us at

More questions are under construction. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

How much time does it take to administer the DEVPRO Motor Skills Assessment?
After you get to know the test and which sub-tests you need for a particular student or disability, from 20 to 40 minutes. Higher-performing ambulatory students will take longer because they can perform more skills in a greater number of sub-tests. Students in wheelchairs will take less time since you need only to administer Pre-Ambulatory Skills, Object Control, and the Body Awareness sub-tests.

Are there plans to pair DEVPRO test skills with California State P.E. standards?
Yes. We are currently looking at the K-8 skills to see which correspond. Of course, we also will address National P. E. standards since DEVPRO is used nation-wide.

As a criterion-referenced tests, how was construct validity established?
DEVPRO was constructed using data from over 90 research resources.

What ages of students can be tested?
DEVPRO Motor Skills Assessment test skills are organized developmentally from birth to 11 years, and represent maturational ages of normally functioning students. Because many of the students we see in Adapted Physical Education are Severely Handicapped, and performing at a skill maturity equivalency that is at half of their C.A., DEVPRO's fundamental skills test criteria can provide educationally useful information about the abilities of many students who are chronologically older than 11 years...even up to 22 years old!

In what format are assessment evaluations written?
The evaluations produced by the software are the result of the merging of data from the Student Record into a DEVPRO template. You can create, edit, and modify the templates to be organized in any format your District / SELPA designates.

Why does DEVPRO use metric measurements?
The original thesis was required to use metrics, in compliance with American Psychological Association standards. However, the English measurement version of the DEVPRO Motor Skills Assessment manual and software will be available by November 30.

Is special testing equipment needed to assess students while using DEVPRO?
No. The equipment used is fairly common physical education equipment or easy to build, like the balance boards.

Who uses this test?
Ah, a two-pronged answer... DEVPRO is used primarily by Adapted Physical Education specialists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. It can be used by elementary physical education teachers and classroom teachers who teach elementary P. E. because of the strong fundamental skills task analyses. Geographically, DEVPRO is used by many districts and SELPAs throughout the United States and Bermuda.

Why doesn't DEVPRO have a fitness sub-test?
There are many excellent physical fitness tests that you can use for your general and disabled populations. You can paste the fitness data into your DEVPRO evaluation summary.

On what platforms does the software run??
See the System Requirements page.

How much time does it take to input a new Student Record and Test data?
Depending on fast the typist is, from 15 to 30 minutes. Updates take only 5-7 minutes. The merged data and template will produce a 2-3-page evaluation that reports all Present Levels of Performance from the test with a professional narrative, and recommends goals and objectives for the I.E.P.

What is the "improvement index" in the DEVPRO software?
It is how much improvement you, as the teacher, would like to see the student make between the date of the report and the next I.E.P. team meeting. It is used in the recommended goals and objectives, which are based on the three lowest skills based on developmental age mode of the criteria. The improvement index is determined by the assessor, not by the DEVPRO program.

What are the DEVPRO Screens?
The screens are selected DEVPRO target objectives organized by basic skill sections. They are set up by an isolated chronological age. When the teacher screens students, he/she can select all students of the same age in years only, and use the screen designed for that age group. It takes about 30 minutes to administer a screen to 6 students.

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