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Since the first version of DEVPRO software, we have been committed to delivering a high level of reliability and functionality in our products and we intend to fully support a smooth Year 2000 transition for our customers.

We have done an extensive engineering level review of our software products. To the best of our knowledge, all current versions of the DEVPRO software are fully Y2K compliant. We have done a thorough audit and remediation of our IT infrastructure, and our supply chain for Y2K Compliance and business continuity. We feel we will be well prepared for the new millennium.

If we find any Year 2000 problems with older legacy products we will make that information available.

As you know, DEVPRO software almost never operates in isolation. Our products move information between computers and peripherals, they operate in conjunction with other vendor's office automation and desktop productivity software, etc. To ensure your organization's operations are fully Year 2000 Compliant, it is important to not only contact each maker of your other system components, but to test for compliance on a system-wide basis.

Please Contact Us if you have further questions or concerns.

This document constitutes a Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure within the meaning of the Year 2000 Information Readiness Act.

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Last update May 25, 2022